My Reptiles


For now I only own a Diamond Back Terrapin that I acquired from someone that was unable to house him anymore. I’ve had him for about 2 years now and when he gets a little bigger I might try to find him a mate, but thats not high on my priorities right now. His shell is a little bigger than 4 inches now and he is in a mostly filled 100 gal stock tank acting as an indoor pond. I’m 80% sure he’s a male and should only get up to 6 inches, females get up to 9, so either way his current container should suffice for a long time.
Octavian May 3, 2015


I am receiving a 7 year old unsexed albino corn snake from another friend this week. I will be sexing it and finding a decent mate for breeding this next coming year. As soon as I get some pictures I’ll post them.


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